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Firstly launching its new products at the largest booth,Daddy’s Choice received

Today,Daddy’s Choice, a new domestic high-tech brand of daily chemicals, appeared at the Jingzheng international maternal and infant exhibition with high profile to exhibit its new products, and smoothly brought its exhibition to a successful close. As principal sponsor of the Jingzheng exhibition,Daddy’s Choice takes the lead in multiple aspects within the industry, including the largest booth with an area of 624m2, the highest brand coverage, the greatest flow of visitors at the exhibition and tens of thousands of shops intending to place orders, it exhibits amazing development speed and great market appeal with practical actions.

最大展位 新品首發 爸爸的選擇火爆京正展會

Front door of Jingzheng · Beijing International Mother-Infant-Child Products Fair

      At this Jingzheng exhibition,Daddy’s Choice launched size XXL diapers, XXXL pull-ups and pure cotton towels. The baby and infant shampoo and bodywash that it is going to launch will satisfy needs of babies of more age groups. As introduced by R&D personnel of Daddy’s Choice, the new XXXL pull-ups are made of softer  skin-friendly surface materials, so babies feel more comfortable in wearing the diapers.

最大展位 新品首發 爸爸的選擇火爆京正展會

Exclusive gatehouse, huge light box at the entrance, full coverage of LED screen

最大展位 新品首發 爸爸的選擇火爆京正展會

Site of Jingzheng · Beijing International Mother-Infant-Child Products Fair

Apart from these two product styles, it is noteworthy thatDaddy’s Choice is also about to launch baby shampoo and bodywash. Being safe and clean without additives as before, this type of cleaning supplies are specially designed for babies and children. Developed by active ingredients of essence extracted from natural plants, they contain no additive, made of moisturizing and tear-free formulas. They are helpful for babies’ skincare and will be launched soon.

最大展位 新品首發 爸爸的選擇火爆京正展會

Samples of cleaning supplies for children selected byDaddys Choice

At the exhibition,Daddy’s Choice not only attracted the  attention of distributors from different parts of China, but also aroused great concerns of much media. On the site, it was specially interviewed by CCTV. Knowing thatDaddy’s Choice had become a leader within the industry only over 3 years after its establishment, CCTV greatly admired the Company’s spirit for sticking to revitalizing domestic brands through industries.

最大展位 新品首發 爸爸的選擇火爆京正展會

CCTV interviewedDaddys Choice

       As CEO ofDaddy’s Choice, Wang Shengdi reported that the Company’s fast development was inseparable from its persistent pursuit of ultimate product experiences, repeated improvements of material  softness and constant optimization of product mixes. From sources to delivery,Daddy’s Choice performs more than 600 tests, each of which reveals the Company’s original intention to provide safe and clean high-quality products. In the future,Daddy’s Choice will further enhance its foundation for R&D to create win-win situation with Chinese shops of maternal and infant products and make great efforts for becoming TOP500 global brand of daily chemic

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